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Kaiima Bio-Agritech is a genetics and breeding technology company that developed a proprietary, non-GMO platform called EP™. EP™ technology unlocks a new paradigm in crop productivity by inducing novel diversity within the genome, using the plant’s own DNA. The technology creates superior performing genetics in breeding programs and works with all major crops and plant species. In addition to yield enhancement, EP™ technology is also able to generate other added-value traits such as improved tolerance to diseases, pests and crop protection, adaptability to extreme weather conditions, customization of agronomic traits and changes to both grain and oil composition. Kaiima, through its collaborations with leading seed companies, is focused on the improvement of corn, soybean, rice, canola, sunflower, wheat and is also initiating work on tomatoes and peppers. Kaiima is headquartered in the Lower Galilee, Israel, and also operates regionally through offices in China and the U.S.



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Avi Maidenberg

Avi Maidenberg

Global Development Manager
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