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Drokasa Perú, founded in 1951, is the oldest company of Drokasa Corporation. Over the years, it has achieved a reputation for quality, solidity and efficiency in the Peruvian business sector and abroad. Drokasa Perú is dedicated to the commercialization and distribution of products for the mass consumption sector, and for the agricultural and industrial sector. The products that it sells are own brands and exclusive representations. The company has a product portfolio of 3,827 items, and more than 5,787 customers with commercial relationships of more than 15 years. Clients belong to the main economic engines of the country, such as: supermarkets, pharmacy chains, wholesalers, retailers, agribusiness chains, agroindustrial companies, chemical industries, among others. There are 2 distribution centers of 5,000 m2, with certification of Good Storage Practices granted by DIGEMID of the Ministry of Health. Currently the company is made up of more than 215 professionals and technicians, guided by a spirit of teamwork, and customer service. In 1995 the company started agricultural business. Three agronomists began to travel through the valleys of northern, central and southern Peru, advising farmers on the best management of their crops: land preparation, irrigation, fertilization, pest control, diseases and weeds, etc. with the aim of achieving the best and largest production in their fields.

  • Address:Mcal.La Mar(antes Ugarte y Moscoso)991,piso 9 - Magdalena del Mar.- Perú
  • Website:www.drokasa.com.pe


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Conrado Palacios Kuhn

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