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Stotras Pty Ltd.Australia Australia

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Stotras is a privately run Agro-chemical trading and marketing company providing procurement solutions specialising in Pesticides and serving customers throughout Australasia.
Backed with several years of understanding in the Australian Agro-chemical industry, Stotras has learnt the trait of providing its customers with the best experience possible. Stotras is now selling a range of products that goes into various market segments such as Broadacre, Pest control, Home and Garden plus Public and Animal health.
Since its inception, Stotras has grown organically with a list of clients that includes Local manufacturers, Distributors and Multinational companies.

Stotras has an office in Australia, India and representatives in China along with a huge supplier base which stretches into other part of Asia, Europe, America and Australia.

Stotras' product range includes: Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Pyrethroids, Plant growth regulators, Pest Control, Public and Animal Health, Speciality fertilizers, Adjuvants, Surfactants, Solvents.



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Ben Gupta

Ben Gupta

General Manager
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