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Fieldeye - Agricultural Information System from Austria

The Fieldeye ® camera system is completely independent from any power supply through an integrated solar cell. A special version of the interface for seed or fertilizer manufacturers integrates the product name, product classes or the manufacturer logos, but also the location names and descriptions.

The observing and monitoring of the growth and yield is a complicated and time-consuming process in the agricultural economy. Fieldeye® sends automatically daily high-resolution photographs with up to 2x 13 megapixels on the user-friendly Fieldeye® Internet platform.

The images are available at all times, from any place and on any device - computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. A notable new feature is the integration of an infrared camera, that can also transmit to the Information System „stress data“ of plants during the growth period.



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Felix Rudolph

Felix Rudolph

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