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SinoUnison Technology Co., Ltd. (SUT) focuses on testing service in food and agricultural products, life science, health.  The development relies on continuous technical innovation to provide turnkey solutions for customers to meet the increasingly stringent requirements in quality standard and government compliance.

The R&D center set up in Nanjing has professional and experienced personnel, 6 of whom have Ph.D degree. So far SUT has been certified by CNAS, CMAF, CATL and GLP issued by OECD and has more than 300 employees in its lab-network of Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, and Shanghai. SUT is one of the few domestic organizations qualified in registration testing for export pesticides and also has the leading testing technique and market share in global honey and peanut supply chain management.

JSST GLP Test Facility was founded in May, 2013. It  is managed and operated in strict accordance with the OECD GLP principles. Currently our laboratory has obtained the OECD GLP Certificate from the German GLP Monitoring Authority, BfR. The certified areas of expertise in categories are :
1. Physical-chemical testing;
8.  Analytical and clinical chemistry testing.

JSST also got certificate of  ISO 17025 (CNAS), CMA and CMAF.  

In the past four years, JSST GLP has issued over 200 final reports, 45 of which were about five-batch analysis studies. They have been used in the pesticide registration in Spain, France, British, Germany, USA, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Paraguay, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan.

Most importantly, JSST GLP has an abundant experience in the preliminary test and impurity standard preparation of biogenic pesticides. We have finished five-batch analysis studies of Ningnanmycin TC, Gibberellin, Abamectin and so on.

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