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Earth Alive Clean Technologies uses the latest innovations in microbial technology to manufacture environmentally sustainable products which replace traditional harmful chemicals used in various industries. Our activities are focussed into two main business units: AgTech and Dust Control.


Soil ActivatorTM is a patent-pending, non-crop specific, CFIA approved microbial biofertilizer for the global $100B fertilizer market. Soil Activator is compliant with international organic standards, and the biological technology used in its manufacturing is at the cutting-edge of sustainable agriculture.

Soil ActivatorTM has demonstrated its effectiveness on numerous crops and is currently used on organic and conventional farming operations from Africa to Latin America, on a wide range of crops.


Earth Alive also commercializes its patent-pending, microbial dust control technology to the global mining industry. With the availability of the EA1 technology, the world’s thousands of operating mines no longer need to use harmful chemicals such as chlorides and petroleum derivatives to control harmful dust emanations. More importantly, EA1 can reduce upwards of 80% the billions of liters of water currently used yearly for dust control operations. Modern mining operations now have an environmentally sustainable alternative with the EA1 product, which is currently being rolled out on large scale use on mine sites from Africa to Latin America, in wide ranging types of mining operations.

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