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Founded in 1924, with the aim to develop and publish standard procedures in the field of seed testing, ISTA is inextricably linked with the history of seed testing. With member laboratories in more than 80 countries/distinct economies world wide, ISTA membership is truly a global network. ISTA is independent and acts free from economic interest and political influence, it is unbiased, objective and fair. Furthermore, the hitherto unsurpassed expertise of ISTA is based on the non-profit cooperation of the international community of approximately 400 experienced, competent and energetic seed scientists and analysts. As an authority in seed science and technology, ISTA continues its role as the developer of seed testing methods. Its major achievements and services provided to date are briefly the following: - The ISTA International Rules for Seed Testing, guaranteeing worldwide annually updated, harmonised, uniform, seed testing methods - The ISTA Accreditation Programme including Accreditation Standard, Proficiency Testing Programme and Auditing Programme guaranteeing worldwide harmonised, uniform, seed testing - The issuing of the ISTA International Seed Lot Certificates by officially independent ISTA accredited and authorised laboratories - The promotion of research, training, publishing and information in all areas of seed science and technology and cooperation with related organisations such as ISF, OECD, UPOV and many others

  • Address:Zuerichstrasse 50, 8303 Bassersdorf, CH-Switzerland



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