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Over the past 75 years, Oil-Dri Corporation of America has become a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality sorbent products for consumer and business to business markets. The company is passionate about continuously improving the value its customers receive from its products and services. It takes pride in being an organization that emphasizes high moral and ethical values. It is vertically integrated which enables it to efficiently oversee every step in its processes—from research and development to supply chain to marketing and sales. Oil-Dri handles it all with honesty, integrity and a passion for excellence. Oil-Dri creates, manufactures, markets and sells a wide variety of innovative, sorbent solutions from its unique clay minerals. Every product helps improve either the safety, efficiency, or productivity of businesses and households. The company uses its pioneering spirit to Create Value From Sorbent Minerals for the Pet Care, Animal Health, Fluids Purification, Crop & Horticulture, Industrial & Automotive and Sports Field industries. Oil-Dri's carrier products have been a trusted part of its customers’ formulations for over 50 years. Crops and plants growing throughout the world are enhanced by Oil-Dri’s granular and powder carriers, delivering biological and synthetic pesticides and beneficial nutrients for agricultural purposes. Its fine powder carriers can also provide a protective coating for seeds that delivers nutrients and formulations which defend against disease and predators.



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