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Rizobacter do Brasil LtdaBrazil Brazil

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As a world leader in soybean inoculants and inputs, Rizobacter is an Argentine multinational with 40 years of experience in its country of origin. Rizobacter is present in Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, the United States, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, India and Ukraine. Rizobacter is also present in one of the largest agricultural producers and exporters in the world: Brazil.

Established on Brazilian soil since 1998, Rizobacter do Brasil offers farmers the best and most advanced research and technology for the development of different crops, care for the environment and sustainability.
Rizobacter has different products such as soy inoculants, bean inoculants and corn inoculants, adjuvants, micronutrients for seed treatment, micronutrients for foliar application and biofertilizers used to increase food production and natural balance care.
Rizobacter's exclusive formulations focus on the development of plant microbiology, which ensures benefits to the grower, such as increased productivity, reduced use of pesticides, genetic improvement of seeds, increased resistance to pests and climatic problems and seeds with higher energy potential. For the environment, a great advantage: they are totally sustainable products. 

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