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 Jiangsu BioGuide Laboratory Co., Ltd. (BGL) is a CRO providing analytical chemistry services for agrochemical manufacturing and trading companies worldwide. We implemented quality systems strictly in accordance with the OECD GLP Principles, US-EPA GLP Regulations and China GLP standards for Pesticide Studies. 

As a high-tech, professional testing service laboratory, BGL specializes in analyzing samples with complex, challenging chemistry issues, such as multi-isomer compounds (pyrethroid, spiral ring compounds, chiral compounds, etc.) and compounds with high polarity (organic acid, alkaloid) which are difficult to retain in conventional HPLC column. BGL always focuses on products in late patent protection period and newly discovered active compounds, helps client solve chemistry related problems very fast, such as synthesis route analysis, organic impurity identification, impurity standard preparation, analytical method development and validation.

We strive to help you solve all your product chemistry problems in development, registration and quality control of agrochemicals. Our GLP studies will meet your highest expectation in quality, science and regulatory compliance.



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