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Nepal is known as agricultural country; The Himalayan country Nepal is an agricultural country and about 80 percent of the total population engaged in this sector. It also has very diverse geographic and ecological features, ranging from tropical lowland in the south to high mountains in the north. This wide agro ecological variance makes the country suitable for high quality seed production of all kind of agricultural products.

Recognizing this importance and knowing the fact of shortage of fresh agro-products in the country and to harness the agro-ecological potentiality, Karma Group started its venture in 2002, with production and import of high quality seeds along with organic chemicals and organic fertilizers. Karma believes that to fulfill the food for the rapidly growing population, we just have to increase our production and its productivity. To fulfill this demand of a rapidly growing population, farmers prefer the commercial cultivation in order to raise the living standard. Different hybrid seeds are brought from different countries so that these imported hybrid seeds can increase the production and its productivity. Now, as per the survey, these hybrid seeds make more scope in Nepal.

Karma Group, a company that is referred for its quality supplies and quality services is situated at Swoyambhu in Kathmandu valley. Karma Group stand as a leading pioneer Agro-business house of its country Nepal. It understands that unless Nepal can develop agricultural sectors, the upliftment of the country proves to be impossible. By following traditional methods, country cannot get a good production. The facilities of irrigation, modern fertilizers, and improved seeds are not amply available. Karma Group of companies realizes that unless the solutions to these are given at any cost, development may not gear up its pace, rather crawls. If the country has to import foods from other countries, its money goes away; and as the result, development paces very slowly. If we can produce more crops, vegetables and fruits than we need, we can export them to other countries to earn foreign currency. Thus, agricultural development provides people daily needs, increase exports and decreases imports.

Hence, Karma Group of Companies aims to provide quality agro-inputs (vegetable and flower seeds, cereal crops seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals, agricultural equipment etc.) so as to bring a radical shift in the agricultural pattern of the country. Hence, karma group has initiated seed production and marketing activities through its own endeavours. Its reputation in providing high quality seeds and organic-fertilizer for kingdom of Nepal and abroad markets has increased in recent years. Right from its inception it has been serving the farmers of terai and hill. Karma group has been keeping personal touch with the farmers and dealers, installing an outreach centre in every working district, importing best products and distributing them timely. Karma Group of Companies is tied up with some of the reputed and influential international companies and they are,

1. Chia Tai Seeds Co. Ltd (Thailand)
2. NAP Nutriscience Co. Ltd (Thailand)
3. Parich Fertilizer Co. Ltd. (Thailand)
4. LeiliAgrochemistry Company Ltd. (China)
5. King Quenson Industry Group (China)
6. TaizhouHafeng Sprayer Co. Ltd. (China)
7.Sakata Seeds Corporation (Japan)
8. AmeriseedsInc (USA) And
9. CP Seeds India

It aims to promote organic based farming all over the country, provide advanced technical aid, counselling to farmers so as to achieve a remarkable change in agriculture patterns in the country and ultimately to the development of the country.



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