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Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL), is a co-operative federation, established in 1955, providing procurement and distribution to member co-operatives in Western Canada. Federated Co-operatives is owned by about 365 member co-operatives across the region. Some are large co-operatives, such as Saskatoon Co-op and Calgary Co-op, while others are small co-ops based in small towns, such as Abernethy Co-op. In 2009, FCL was ranked as the largest co-operative in Canada by total sales. In 2010, FCL was the second largest company by annual sales in Saskatchewan. During that year, it earned revenues of 498 million and returned $355.7 million to its member retailers. In 2008 Federated Co-operatives saw sales increase and posted its 37th record year in a row for both sales and profits.



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