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Delagro is a cooperative of the second degree that arises from the integration of three other cooperatives, also of the second degree: CICA (Asturias); SERGACAN (Cantabria) and CECOOP (Galicia). The initiative of its creation goes back to 1994 when three cooperatives, located in different autonomous communities, reach a level of frequent collaboration, based on common commercial interests, noting the advantage of taking advantage of existing synergies. The actions go through the exchange of information on markets and prices, joint purchasing management, exchange of supplies and technical collaborations for the development of products, among others. Business inertia leads to the creation of a macrostructure with the capacity to implement commercial policies and product development of greater scope, with a sufficient dimension to manage volumes that favor competitiveness in a globalized market environment, characterized by the concentration of supply and an increasingly demanding demand. Thus, in October 2005, the second-tier cooperative, Delagro, formalizes its registration in the Central Registry of Cooperatives. From then on, Delagro began an upward activity in all the areas to which it has access, which led hit to become the most important purchasing center in the Cantabrian Cornice, with a powerful departmental structure in food and vegetable and animal production, automotive, fertilizers, fuels, etc., extending its activity to the area of ​​advice and marketing among others.

  • Address:Poligono Industrial de Almuña-Barcia, Parcela 11 33700 Valdés-Luarca


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