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ASFERTGLOBAL is a biotechnology-oriented company, committed to improving the productivity and reducing the ecological impact in modern agriculture. It has consolidated over the last few years several product lines.  These are primarily focused on new organic molecules extracted from natural material in plant. ASFERTGLOBAL products help farmers practice more successful and sustainable agriculture, providing high output production, improving their efficiency in the use of conventional fertilizers while reducing harmful effects to the environment.  ASFERTGLOBAL has always been characterized by its products contribution to the development of new cultivation techniques, which help to obtain higher yields by optimizing agricultural plant nutrition to crops.  ASFERTGLOBAL offers unique solutions, from planting to harvesting, while at the same time ensuring greater profitability, rationalizing spending and implementation of a secure technology. The company's main objective is to promote agricultural development at the same time respecting the environment and human well-being.

  • Address:Zona Industrial de Santarém Loteamento Industrial do Outeirinho, Lote 4 2005-544 Santarém – Portugal


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