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The first maize hybrid in Europe was generated in Martonvásár, Hungary in 1953. The efforts of Martonvásár genetics have served European corn growers and farmers since then. Our breeders have registered numerous hybrids in Eastern-, Central-, and Western-Europe in the past six decades. The new generation maize hybrids of Marton Genetics go through continuous development and gain better positions every year among Hungarian farmers in comparison with their international competitors. Rape and sunflower complete the product range of high standard sowing seeds Martonvásár has to offer. Our maize hybrids offer a wide variety starting from the earliest FAO 200 group, while our grain and silage maize is produced on increasingly larger areas and are even more known across Europe. We satisfy corn growers’ demands with our hybrid selection based on an extensive genetic base.

Genetic variety enables you to select the seeds that suit the properties of production sites and adapt to the soil and weather conditions thereof best. Hybrids developed by Marton Genetics are new hybrid combinations different from most competitors in terms of their genetic background. They are mainly bred under dry and extensive conditions, which is completely in line with the general warming and climate change prevailing across the continent. Our maize hybrids have very good general adaptability due to our breeders, who deliberately test new products under intensive and extensive production site conditions. Escalating climate anomalies drive us to focus on making our hybrids ready for sowing after the rapid onset of spring, withstand cold weather around sowing and exhibit fast initial development.

In addition to the above properties, the maize hybrids of Marton Genetics are more adaptable to drier production site conditions than their competitors, which generally manifests in extra yield. Marton Genetics hybrids can achieve large grain crops and favourably fast drying down in good production sites or those ideal for maize production. Our silage corn ensure high green volumes and outstanding silage quality, besides their good use in biogas production. Our vision is to supply an increasing number of European farmers with the excellent products of Marton Genetics uniting the latest breeding results and most advanced methods of Hungarian and European genetics.

Our website showcases all the seeds of Marton Genetics distributed by Bázismag Ltd. We present the properties and anticipated results of the individual hybrids in detail to assist our farmer partners in narrowing their focus to select the seeds most ideal for them. Our experts are available all around and outside Hungary to help you pick the suitable varieties and provide useful advice during any production stage to achieve the largest possible yield.



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Dr. Denes Oross

Dr. Denes Oross

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Dr. Emil Bodnár

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