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CESIS is a consulting company based in Brasilia/Brazil. Together with Latin American Consultant Companies CESIS offer regulatory support for plant protection (PPPs)  such as  chemical and biological pesticides as well as nutrition products such as fertilizers, biostimulants and plant amendments.  CESIS also works with biocides  and veterinary products. These services expand each one of the companies’ ability to provide scientific and regulatory expertise, harmonized registration strategies and technical guidance in different countries.
With the world’s largest and growing agricultural market, Latin America offer new opportunities for market expansion. CESIS a Brazil-based corporation, with the Latin American Consultant NET, provides support to clients with high-quality services that offer the best outcome in each project meeting deadlines while also being responsible and nimble in the ever changing regulatory landscape. Our success is based on our experts having a clear understanding and knowledge of local procedures, culture, and languages in the jurisdictions that present challenges to our clients. We are all committed to professionalism and have the utmost respect for the confidentiality of our work and our clients.

  • Address:SCLN 111 bloco D sala 204 - Asa Norte - Brasília/DF – Brasil – ZIP CODE: 70754-540
  • Website:www.cesis.bio.br


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Tel: +55 (61) 3032.3793

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