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Founded in 1972, Biolchim is a leading company for the production and commercialization of special fertilizers in particular Biostimulants, an innovative range of products composed by innovative raw materials and with high agronomical performances.
Based in Italy, where the production lines and the extraction units are located, Biolchim operates in more than sixty countries worldwide. In Brazil, Germany, Poland, Hungary, China, Turkey, Russia, New Zealand and Colombia, Biolchim is present with subsidiaries or representative offices through which it is able to build very close partnerships with its local distributors, and supply continuous technical and sales support on the territory. In the other countries, Biolchim acts through commercial partnerships with a capillary network of importers and distributors.
As of 2014 Biolchim is the leading company of a wider group of companies including another Italian special fertilizer manufacturer company, CIFO, and, the Canada’s West Coast Marine Bio Processing a company specialized in the production and trade of seaweed products based on Macrocystis Integrifolia.
In 2016, also the hungarian potting soil and substrate manufacturer Matécsa Kft. became part of the group followed by the italian ILSA SpA, a company with a long-standing tradition in the production of biostimulants, organic and organo-mineral fertilizers in both liquid and solid form. ILSA perfectly fits in the development and innovation plan of the Biolchim group.



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