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Founded in 2017, Rantizo delivers targeted liquid sprays precisely where they are needed in agricultural applications. 


Rantizo is developing an integrated platform to autonomously recognize field issues, diagnose them, and aerially spray solutions via drone. This hardware and software product directly addresses the field needs of farmers and the business needs of custom applicators. 

We are the first supplier of an integrated drone-based solution for the identification of in-field anomalies and targeted aerial application/spraying of in-field chemicals for agriculture. Our electrostatic sprayer charges particles and causes them to wrap around leaves. This gives very even coverage at low application volumes—down to 1 ounce per acre. We spray only active agent, rather than all the water and adjuvants typically required. Thus, the low payload can be mounted on a drone and delivered autonomously, reducing labor and capital requirements.

Agrichemical overuse leads to decreased effectiveness and hard-to-kill superweeds. Spraying crops is necessary but expensive. Each pass reduces yield by 1-3% due to crop destruction, and 5-15% from soil compaction. Drift leads to wastage of 1-10%, and problems with nearby crops. Farmers require custom applicators to get into the field at peak times of year. However, custom applicators are challenged by labor and capital costs.

The Rantizo 4-tier comprehensive platform aims to address many of these problems through a combined hardware and software solution delivery method poised at the cutting edge of precision agriculture technology.

Here's how the platform works:

1) Identifying problem areas through high resolution field imagery from both drones and satellites

2) Machine learning diagnostics of field issues to autonomously prescribe targeted treatments

3) Deployment of electrospray drones to precisely deliver required chemicals. 

    The wrapping effect keeps chemicals where they are intended, reducing drift and wastage.

4) Verification of treated areas showing higher yields with lower input costs and less damage than whole field treatments.

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  • Address:105 Iowa Avenue, Suite #231, Iowa City IA, USA


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