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Bringing products to market requires knowledge, experience and speed ; we listen and understand the needs of our partners, in order to grant them the most efficient assistance in terms of speed and quality, because penetrating a market or reinforcing its presence in it requires constant availability of reliable data and information. This will require a permanent presence in each market, to be aware of the changes and the evolution of each segment, in order to react promptly and take the right decisions at the right time. 
Knowing that Agribusiness sector is continually evolving. The rate and degree of change is increasing at an astounding pace. Your company must be prepared to be responsive and flexible to changes. Companies that are going to survive must be always adapted and prevent these changes. That's why we are offering you the keys to success in North African markets, by providing you with the most reliable professional advices and assistance. 
This support and assistance goes from finding the right partner for the evolution and the right commercialization of your product, to coaching local teams and protect your products from illegal threats. 
More importantly, we focus on quality to maximize the added value we provide our customers, of course complete confidentiality is maintained, and the highest ethical standards adhered to with each and every assignment. 
Our strengths are our local expertise, our global experience and our sense of adaptation; we work with partners (manufacturers) from all over the world, and the best local partners (distributors) in north Africa. 



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Rachid Derdari

Rachid Derdari

General Manager
Tel: +212 0 537756758


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