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Shan Dong Pengbo Biotechnology Co. Ltd was established in 2014 as a high-tech enterprise co-founded by overseas returnees. The company''''''''s core product is the ultra-high activity immune inducer ZNC derived from the ecological natural system, which has the functions of promoting growth, disease resistance, stress resistance, promoting reproductive development, and improving fertilizer utilization; crude extracts are available at 1-10ng/ml Very high activity, it is the compound with the highest known activity at present, the use cost is extremely low, the physical and chemical properties are stable, the process adaptability is strong, and the safety is better than almost all plant conditioners and fertilizer synergists. The company revolves around ZNC in collaboration with more than 10 scientific research teams including Shandong University, China Agricultural University, and Shandong Agricultural University. The results are as follows: 1. ZNC main component analysis, detection methods, physical and chemical properties, etc.; The application effect of crops and multi-regions; 3. Research on the mechanism of ZNC improving fertilizer utilization; 4. Development of enzyme-linked immunoassay to achieve trace and precise detection of ZNC in fertilizers and pesticides. The detection method is simple and easy to promote. ZNC immune inducers subvert the industry scientists'''''''' knowledge of ultra-high activity and the complete function of such functional substances, because of its originality. The company and Shandong Agricultural University jointly published a research paper on "Paecilomyces variotii extracts (ZNC) enhance plant immunity and promote plant growth" in the international top journal Plant and Soil. The publication of this article shows that vigorous organisms are in the international leading position in the research of biostimulation substances, ZNC has also become an international common name. The company has always adhered to the service concept of "seeking breakthroughs through scientific research and innovation, and seeking development through scientific research services", providing high-quality low-cost raw materials and new product development services for domestic and foreign special fertilizer companies, and working with strategic partners to jointly formulate new fertilizer category standards.

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