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Red Surcos S.A.Argentina Argentina

Category:Crop Protection

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RED SURCOS intends to lead the phytosanitary products in the country as well as in the border nations, by means of innovation through knowledge, and relying on highly skillful human resources.  RED SURCOS is a corporation of local capitals engaged in the development, production and commercialization of integral solutions for all its clients. Its product portfolio geared to the agriculture and livestock market is made up by seeds as well as phytosanitary and veterinary products.   With headquarters in the city of Santa Fe, RED SURCOS owns state-of-the-art laboratories, two manufacturing and development plants, warehouses suitably equipped for the storage of phytosanitary products, more than 100 products registered under its ownership and 10,000 active clients.   The organization has a team of over 80 agronomic engineers who support and advise farmers on a person-to-person basis and complete a staff of more than 300 people in constant training.   Its own extensive network of 20 branches and over 35 strategically distributed points of sale provide a broad geographic coverage in addition to having a foothold in Bolivia, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay.   RED SURCOS ranks No. 1 among local companies in the Argentine phytosanitary market.



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Sebastian Calvo

Sebastian Calvo

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