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Agrovista UK Limited was formed on 1st January 2001 following the merger of the Profarma Ltd and Crop Care Group of companies, to provide specialist agronomy and crop protection products to British agriculture. Agrovista is a leading supplier of agronomy advice, seed, crop protection products and precision farming services.

Agrovista’s roots were firmly established over 60 years ago, yet the company still maintains its traditional values of professionalism, technology, and service. The new business is part of Agrovista BV, a leading European organisation in the field, itself part of the international Marubeni Corporation. This makes Agrovista UK a significant UK supplier of crop protection inputs and advice, with around 20% of the crop protection market.

Agrovista UK is totally committed to providing unrivalled value and innovative solutions for British farmers, both now and in the future. This commitment is focused on customer service, research driven advice and technical innovation. It relies strongly on the dedication, expertise and professionalism of all employees as well as the company’s many global and local suppliers. It also embraces care for the wider countryside with an understanding of the politically important environmental role now played by farmers. All of this adds up to a company that can genuinely position itself as "the growers choice".

Sherriff Amenity is the specialist amenity division of Agrovista UK Ltd. It is committed to customer service, research driven advice and new product innovations. It provides a comprehensive range of goods and services to the UK amenity and landscape markets. Its BASIS and FACTS trained sales team provide a professional, quality agronomy service across the nation. Formed in 1994, Sherriff Amenity has established a reputation as the industry leading supplier of professional products and specialist advice. Sherriff Amenity is a wholly owned division of Agrovista UK Ltd, the premier supplier of agronomy advice and crop protection products to the UK arable market. The business is part of the global Marubeni Corporation, which was founded in 1858 and employees almost 30,000 people across the world.



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