Pilar AgriScience (Canada) Corp. / (Pilarquim)Canada

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Since the commencement in 1961, Pilarquim has been a pioneer in the business of toll manufacturing of pesticide formulations, with superior services to customers for their total satisfactions and ultimate success. Today, Pilarquim has become a true multinational capable of manufacturing, formulating and packaging and with worldwide offices managed by highly experienced local crop protection specialists. Apart from their Headquarter in Canada, they have successfully branched out globally to four major continents, including establishment of regional offices in NAFTA, MEXICO, BRAZIL, LATAM, POLAND, JAPAN, KOREA, THAILAND, and BANGLADESH.

  • Address:4101-4880 Bennett Street Burnaby B.C. CANADA V5H 0C1
  • Website:www.pilarbio.com


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