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Stepan Company is a major manufacturer of specialty chemicals including surfactants, antimicrobials, fabric softening quaternaries, phthalic anhydride and polyurethane polyols, as well as specialty ingredients for the food and nutraceutical markets. Stepan was founded 85 years ago by Alfred C. Stepan Jr. Today, the company has 18 global manufacturing locations, more than 2,100 employees worldwide and over 1,800 product offerings. Stepan Agricultural Solutions leverages the company’s core technologies of sulfonation, alkoxylation, amidation, oxidation, quaternization, and polymerization to deliver a complete line of products that meet our customers’ needs. Stepan Company is committed to innovation and new product development in partnership with our customers. In listening closely to our customer’s needs, Stepan is focused on the continued development of environmentally sustainable solvents, improved adjuvant technologies, and our novel polymeric dispersant technology.




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Arnold Castro

Arnold Castro

Business Manager and the marketing arm of our agrochemicals business
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