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Polak Group is one of the most important Mexican corporations in the chemical industry. Its four companies provides a wide range of products and services for different industries and market segments. Focused on the production and marketing of innovative and high-tech solutions, those companies work by putting the best of science at your service. The four companies include: (1) Dr. José Polak, S.A. de C.V.: It commercializes chemical products with the most demanding standards of quality. It is the pioneer of the Group. (2) Polaquimia, S.A. de C.V.: It produces, develops, distributes and markets agrochemicals and industrial chemical solutions. It integrates the agricultural, industrial and international divisions. (3) Polatecnia, S.A. de C.V.: Founded in 1967, integrates two business areas to resolve your industrial projects: sale of process equipment through the representation of trade marks and design and construction of different types of industrial plants. (4) Metapol: National and international leader in the manufacture of not ferrous metallic pigments. Founded in 1974. Polak specializes and pioneers in agrochemical and chemical products, such as Non-ionic Surfactants, Sequestering/Chelating Agents, Herbicides and Fungicides. Its chemical processes include: chlorination, ethoxylation, propoxylation, quaternization, alkylation, methylation, esterification and general chemical synthesis.

  • Address:Calle Azahares No. 26 Desp. 203, Col. Santa María Insurgentes, C.P. 06430, México D.F.
  • Website:www.polakgrupo.com


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