Síntesis y Formulaciones de Alta Tecnología S.A. de C.V. (SIFATEC)Mexico

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SIFATEC was established on February 13th, 2001 by a group of Mexican investors. Among the wide goals from this association there are manufacturing, formulation, processing, maquila, import, export, commercialization and distribution of agrochemical products, general chemicals, reagents, material, furniture and laboratory equipment. The company started commercial operations in March 2002, starting its formulating plant in May of the same year. They commercialize technical grade products for companies that formulate agrochemicals, as well as a wide range of phytosanitary products for the proper handling of agricultural crops. To achieve an adequate distribution, SIFATEC has a wide structure of representatives and distributors to serve the main agricultural areas of the country.

  • Address:Alamo Nº 101, 3er Piso, Valle de los Pinos Tlalnepantla, Edo. de México, C.P. 54040
  • Website:www.sifatec.com.mx


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