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SAGEA Centro di Saggio s.r.l. is a private and independent contract research organisation providing research, product development and regulatory services to the SAGEA was founded in the Piedmont region (north-western Italy) from six graduated professionals who decided to put together their phytopathological skills and knowledge in order to provide services regarding the registration of plant protection products, both of synthetic and natural origin.

Since its foundation, the first activities performed by SAGEA were concerning efficacy trials of plant protection products against the most important crop pathogens, conducted following specific guidelines (Good Experimental Practice, GEP). In a short amount of time, SAGEA also began to perform field and laboratory studies to determine plant protection products residues, conducted according to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and selectivity trials focused on non-target organisms (e.g. bees and phytoseiids). Trials concerning other products used in agriculture, such as fertilizers, biostimulants and biocides are being conducted as well.

SAGEA''s competency, at first focused on the typical agricultural production of Piedmont (grapevine, rice, hazelnut and fruit trees), was extended over time, allowing it to establish five new facilities in Italy and three in Serbia and Bulgaria, located in relevant and strategical agricultural areas.

SAGEA''s headquarter, located in Castagnito, is about to be expanded with a new building, where new laboratories dedicated to ecotoxicological and processing studies are being set up.agrochemical, biocide, biopesticide and seed industries.

  • Address:Via San Sudario, 15 – 12050 Castagnito d’Alba CN – Italy


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Dr. Davide Ferrari

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