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Category:Crop Protection

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In 1928, Nihon Nohyaku Co., Ltd. was established as Japan’s first company to specialize in agrochemicals. As a company that is dedicated to protecting food supply and greenery, Nihon Nohyaku puts research, development, and widespread promotion of agrochemicals at the heart of its business activities.

Nihon Nohyaku has been developing a number of unique proprietary agrochemicals namely Fuji-One, Applaud, Moncut, Danitron(Ortus), Ecopart, V-Get and Phoenix. They are marketing these products by themselves or through licensing activities in over 100 countries in the world.

Main Business:
- Agrochemicals (Agriculture/Professional Turf/Home & Garden)
- Wood Preservative
- Agricultural Materials
- Pharmaceuticals & Veterinary Products

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