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An Italian based Company, Endura Fine Chemicals has been developing, manufacturing and selling active ingredients and synergists for household and public health insecticides for over 50 years. By far, it is the largest producer world over of the well-known synergist, Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO). The recent patented synthetic route for manufacturing this product results not only in a huge step towards environmental conservation, but also in a potentially unlimited availability that has created opportunities for more extensive applications in a number of fields and, in particular, a colossal potential in agriculture. In this direction, Endura has been actively collaborating with major research institutes for the purpose of developing innovative formulations (two-part treatments) with PBO to fight highly resistant crop pest, obtaining excellent results up to now.   In recent years, Endura has added a new range of synthetic pyrethroids for Household and professional applications to the existing production of Tetramethrin.   The Company continues to invest in expanding its range of products to include chemical intermediates and, in particular, the field of fragrances. The market has also responded with great interest to the techniques developed by Endura for chlormethylation.