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TIMAC AgroFrance France

Category:Crop Nutrition


Roullier Group: Cultivating independence and conquering the world, maintaining respect for local and regional identities: this is the spirit of Saint-Malo! For over 55 years, Roullier Group has grown in accordance with its founding values, and this growth goes hand in hand with the ability to cross borders effortlessly. Over the years, we have developed a network of subsidiaries in 50 countries and steadily broadened our business lines to span the entire chain from raw materials to the sale of plant, Animal and Plant Nutrition products. Today, we are continuing to expand using our tried and tested philosophy of innovation and internationalization.  Over the years, the group developed ambitiously by acquiring new companies within the agricultural sector. The business model was new, focusing on supporting and advising customers on their specific needs. In order to increase its strength, the Agro-supplies business broadened and improved the range of solutions it sold. It concentrated on all forms of ecosystem-based fertilization (solid, liquid and water soluble) and animal feed.   The business growth dynamic took on a new dimension when the Group began to expand internationally. In line with market expectations, the Group gradually extended to establish production facilities around Western and Eastern Europe, then in South America.   This approach made the Roullier Group a leader in the technical fertilizers market, supported by a network of subsidiaries, established in 42 countries. These agro-supplies businesses are now mainly grouped under the Timac Agro banner, sharing the common values of innovation, proximity to customers and responsiveness that built the success of their model.   Timacagro:  Founded by Daniel Roullier, Timac started out in 1959 on the docks of Saint-Malo (in France) as a supplier of marine limestone, a substance used since the dawn of time by the region’s farmers as a soil conditioner. This marked the start of the Roullier Group’s adventure in Agro-supplies.