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In order to pursue the industrial production of insect-pathogenic nematodes, e~nema GmbH was founded in early 1997. Today e-nema GmbH is an successful medium-sized company with a variety of different bioreactors with a capacity ranging from 3 to 60,000 litres at its laboratory and production facilities.

Biological plant protection is still a core component of what is now a global company. It not only produces insect-pathogenic nematodes, but also a range of additional biological plant protection agents based on microorganisms. In addition, the company's cutting-edge technology at its production facilities is used to produce agents using biocatalysis, which can be used in a wide variety of areas such as the cosmetics and food industry.
An international team works in the company's laboratories on continually improving processes and products as well as on developing new ideas and solutions for plant protection, aquaculture and in biocatalysis, the 'white' biotechnology. The team at e-nema GmbH is frequently invited to participate in international research and development projects. Through its global collaborations with countless scientific institutes, universities and research companies, e-nema GmbH has now firmly established itself in the cutting-edge biotechnology sector.

  • Address:Klausdorfer Str. 28-36 24223 Schwentinental Germany
  • Website:www.e-nema.de