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GREEN HAS ITALIA S.p.A. is an Italian company specialized in Plant Nutrition. Since 1985, it has been playing a leading role on the national and the international markets.   In our laboratory, we select the best raw materials, transforming them into top quality products for plant nutrition. The ingredient that distinguishes our products from the others is the powerful efficacy that means higher crop productions.   The company has its headquarters and production site in Canale d'Alba, a second production site in Jordan, called Green Has Jordan, a subsidiary based in Almeria, Spain, one in Jaboticabal, Brazil, a regional sales office in Amman, Jordan and a participated company in Poland, the Green Eco Poland. The Latin America and Far East markets are supervised by a Regional Sales Manager in Argentina and one in China, besides having a business development consultant in Romania. Green Has Italia also operates in the fields of hobby, garden, nursery and turf through its subsidiary Geogreen s.r.l.