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Pinnacle Agriculture is a first-in-class agricultural retail distribution business created through acquisitions and greenfield retail establishments.  The company operates through its Pinnacle Agriculture™, Sanders®, OptiGro®, Meridian Agriculture Distribution™, Innvictis®, and  Altitude® brands, serving growers across the United States.  Pinnacle Agriculture is multifaceted in its operations, which include seed production and sales, agricultural chemical distribution, bulk handling of fertilizer, precision agriculture services, and general merchandise for the farming, livestock, and wildlife industries.

Pinnacle acquires strong agriculture retail and wholesale businesses, attracts world class talent and implements key technologies with the goal of being the grower’s most trusted and efficient source of crop inputs. Pinnacle provides growers with traditional as well as cutting-edge technology related to crop protection, seed, adjuvants, and plant nutrition by working with key research and development and generic suppliers. Pinnacle partners with these suppliers to determine the best solutions for growers across the country.