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Verdesian Life Sciences, LLCUnited States United States

Category:Crop NutritionBiopesticides & BiocontrolsBiostimulantsWater soluble fertilizer with micro element Seed Treatments


Surging populations and tighter restrictions are making food production harder than ever. Our plant-health products, nutritional catalysts and seed treatments/inoculants are leading the charge to maximize yields and stay ahead of the growing demand.

Verdesian Life Sciences offers value-added and patented technologies for high-value specialty crops, row crops, and turf and ornamental markets. Our unique formulations deliver what plants need faster and more efficiently for optimal performance in both yield and quality.

Verdesian is raising the bar by aligning plant health and nutritional technologies to meet our customers' and growers' agronomic needs. In a world faced with increasing pressures on food demand, supply and food safety, we are committed to the research and development of products that are environmentally sustainable.

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