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The Euralis Cooperative Group, headquartered in Lescar (Atlantic Pyrenees), founded in 1936, brings together 12,000 farmers and 4,800 employees around two commitments: to continuously improve quality, to guarantee quantity. Rooted in the South West, Euralis is a major European player in the agricultural and agri-food markets.

The Cooperative Group is organized around 4 areas:
- Agricultural Division for its animal and vegetable production activities in the South-West, the collection and marketing of cereals and the accompaniment of vine to wine. It also includes 73 self-service stores including 61 under the name Point Vert. 

- Seed Division is one of the European leaders in multi-species seeds: maize, sunflower, rapeseed, sorghum and soya. The cluster has 3 seed production plants.

- Food Division includes Euralis' Foie gras and catering activities. The Pole relies on strong brands to establish privileged relationships in its markets: Rougié, Montfort, Jean Stalaven and Qualité Traiteur.

- Investment and Development Division includes Euralis' partnerships in vegetables with Bonduelle and Géant Vert, animal nutrition with Sanders Euralis 6 , poultry production, the ethanol sector with the bioethanol unit at Lacq

  • Address:Avenue Gaston Phoebus 64231 Lescar Cedex, France