Rizobacter is born in the city of Pergamino, Buenos Aires, made entirely by Argentine capital and market leader in agricultural microbiology company. It operates since 1977 in the research, development, production and marketing of its main product lines: inoculants, seed Terápicos, Biofertilizers, aids, micronutrients, pelleting Seed baits for pest control and pest control in stored grain.  The future of agricultural production, the growing demand for food, and care for the environment are issues that occupy special attention in the work of the company. Bring more life to the field is the essence that each of the products Rizobacter aims to nurture and enhance the life of the seeds. As a result, the company is certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 standards, obtaining certification Trinorma Quality, Environment, Safety and Health.  Rizobacter Argentina is strongly positioned in the local market with an area of  73,150 m2 in the city of Pergamino and adds to it a progressive projection with two subsidiaries: Rizobacter Rizobacter do Brasil and Paraguay. In turn, he is already selling its products in over 20 countries, becoming leader of microbiological products in the international market.

  • Address:Avda. Dr. Arturo Frondizi N° 1150 Parque Industrial – CP B2702HDA – Pergamino Buenos Aires – Argentina
  • Website:www.rizobacter.com/argentina/en/