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In an evolving and growing global population, there continues to be an increasing demand for sustainable, crop protection products. AgriMetis is dedicated to fulfilling this need. Its mission is to innovate sustainable crop protection products through leading edge and advanced discovery, development and delivery methods.  The AgriMetis technology platform is at the interface of biology, biochemistry, and chemistry. AgriMetis' scientific approach is multidisciplinary and integrated, which allows AgriMetis to exploit areas of chemical space and production routes that are inaccessible to others.  AgriMetis was formed in March 2014 and completed a Series B financing in December 2016 to fund agriculture chemical research and development by applying a biopharmaceutical model. With headquarters near Baltimore, Maryland, AgriMetis continues to grow and develop its technologies and capabilities.  AgriMetis is developing fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and nematicides derived from, or inspired by natural products.  Some programs focus on improved proprietary methods for active ingredient  manufacturing.  Others focus on creating novel proprietary chemical active ingredients.  AgriMetis is open to partnering on its programs and is also open to discussing new programs to which it can collaboratively apply its technologies to help partners resolve technical issues or address market needs