PPC ADOB was established in 1990 and since then it has been developing dynamically in the following areas: - production of micronutrient fertilizers and inorganic chemicals, - international trade in fertilizers and chemical raw materials, - implementation of new environment friendly fertilization technologies, - research on new products and technologies for agriculture and the chemical industry. ADOB company is the producer of well known foliar fertilizers BASFOLIAR? / AZOSOL manufactured under the license of BASF AG. Moreover, it offers a wide range of micronutrient fertilizers containing EDTA, IDHA or HBED chelates, based on technologies developed by its own R&D department in cooperation with other companies, e.g. BAYER AG. Product range includes also tailor-made compositions of micronutrients produced according to individual requirements of customers. ADOB is a producer of foliar, potassium, nitrogenous, phosphatic, mineral, compound, artificial and NPK fertilizers. The products are widely used in agriculture, fruit farming and horticulture and are suitable for many kinds of crops. The ADOB fertilisers must comply with many requirements to obtain the quality certificate. Therefore you can be sure of their effectiveness and efficiency. As a producer of fertilisers, we do our best to provide our Customers with the best products. We keep improving our production methods and modifying the composition of fertilisers to satisfy our Customers who expect products able to properly protect plants and crops. If the fertilisers available on the market are not suitable for your needs, we can develop compounds perfectly customised to meet your specific requirements. While following your guidelines, we are capable of developing fertilisers which protect and strengthen the crops in which you specialise. Our fertilisers will allow you to expect rich and healthy crops.