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AlgaEnergy is a biotech company focusing exclusively on the field of microalgae. The company is managed by a team of reputed entrepreneurs and scientists, and counts with the public company IBERDROLA as technological partner and shareholder of reference.

Founded in 2007, it consolidates over 4 decades of research in one vehicle, and has positioned itself as an international reference in the business of microalgae, leading or participating in public-private funded R&D projects amounting an investment over 60 MM €, collaborating with over 120 top consortium members always as sole algae company.

After 8 years of applied research, optimizing and scaling up its procedures, protocols and technologies, AlgaEnergy reached the industrial scale in 2014. It currently counts with two production plants with the most advanced and largest microalgae culturing technologies at a global level, in which it produces microalgae derived products for different sectors.

In the field of agriculture, AlgaEnergy has developed and commercializes an innovative agricultural biostimulants branch named AgriAlgae®, which, based on a combination of selected microalgae strains and a specific productive process optimized during the last 5 years, provides considerable improvements in the yield when applied to all kinds of crops, maximizing their metabolic processes and overall performance.

  • Address:Avenida de Europa, 19 – Parque Empresarial “La Moraleja” – 28108 Alcobendas Madrid – Spain