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Luft Solutions / Luft LogisticsBrazil Brazil

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Founded in 1975, Luft is the largest logistics operator in Brazil, offering customized and exclusive solutions for its clients in the agribusiness, e-commerce, pharmaceutical and hospital segments. Composed of the Luft Agribusiness, Luft Healthcare and Luft Solutions brands, for 40 years Luft has been surpassing and developing innovative solutions for its clients, thus proving that it is a leading and differentiated company.  Luft Agribusiness was Luft's first experience in verticalizing markets, emerging in 1975 as a company focused on agribusiness. This segmentation was born from the perception that the industry - particularly the market for pesticides - had special needs that a specialized company could serve better. Having started its operations as a carrier for this market, Luft Agribusiness has evolved from traditional transportation and warehousing services to add value to the customer chain. Today, it is the most up-to-date operator in the Brazilian agribusiness market, offering from the operation of containers and imported raw materials until the delivery of finished products to the final customer. Luft Agribusiness also provides complementary services, such as the handling of pesticides, labeling, labels and assembly kits. In addition, the company outsources today to manufacturing for its customers. With the start of its CCT operation in the sugar and alcohol market, Luft Agribusiness also operates equipment and the application of pesticides in sugarcane plantations. Thus, the company closes the circle of attendance to the segment, carrying out the entire logistics operation, from operationsin-house customers' plants, supply of lines, withdrawal of finished product lines, transfer between factories and warehouses, storage until distribution. With its wide range of value added services and complete structure, Luft Agribusiness is today the market leader in the distribution and storage of pesticides in Brazil.