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Category:Crop NutritionBiostimulants

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AminoCompany  Fertilizers and Chemicals SA  (AMINOCHEM SA) is a part of the Fiordo Austral Holding; a world leader in the production of proteins and oils for animal feed based on Salmon.   AminoChem SA is a Chilean company devoted to the manufacture and sale of hydrolyzed proteins (coming from salmon) for the nutrition and bio-stimulation of vegetable species; as well as crop protection oils. The characteristics that set salmon apart from other species are unique, because they contain a very varied composition of amino acids, essential “Omega 3” fatty acids, whilst salmon has the highest biological rate of proteic structure.   We are a highly specialized company and a large part of our efforts are devoted to the research and development of our products. This has enabled us to demonstrate in the most objective and scientific manner possible how effective our products are.

  • Address:Edificio BHBC Av. Bello Horizonte 869 Of 304 - Rancagua