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The origin of Attune Agriculture can be traced to our associations with a food industry focused hydrocolloid company.  Looking for a way to diversify the existing food customer base, we began exploring the possibility of using hydrocolloids for industrial applications, such as those found in agriculture.  In 2016, after 5 years and millions of dollars of investment, Attune was formally established with the purpose of creating high quality agricultural products based on hydrocolloid technology.

Foundational work focused on understanding how hydrocolloids interact in complex chemical systems. This led to the exploration of hydrocolloids in agricultural formulations like adjuvants.  Our first product introduction, Ampersand™, harnesses the power of hydrocolloids to address common tank mixed pesticide application issues such as deposition, adhesion, and rain fastness.

Here at Attune our employees have decades of expertise in both food and agricultural industries.  Leveraging this diverse expertise gives us a unique perspective with which to tackle current agricultural issues.  We focus intently on using ingredients that have their origins in foods to minimize the impact of more traditional agricultural chemicals on workers and the environment.  We listen carefully to our customers to ensure we are addressing the most important issues on their minds.