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At BASF Crop Protection they strive to understand where the challenges and opportunities for growers lie. They continuously work to get insights from the field into their organization to guide their business decisions and future strategies. The company has a deep knowledge of farming and this puts BASF in a strong position to be at the forefront developing innovative solutions for their customers in the years to come.   BASF Crop Protection acquired Becker Underwood at the end of 2012. As a result of the acquisition that brought Becker Underwood expertise and products into BASF, a new global business unit was formed. BASF Functional Crop Care redefines crop protection, harnessing scientific innovation in chemistry and biology to unlock agricultural potential from soil to seed to crop. BASF Functional Crop Care anticipates farmers’ challenges to develop unique solutions in the focus areas Soil Management, Seed Solutions and Crop Care.  Soil Management – provides solutions to efficiently manage scarce resources like water, nutrients and useable land. Examples are: - Nutrient management products - Water management products - Seed Solutions - including advanced biological and chemical seed treatments, polymer products, inoculants and colorants for better seed health and yield potential right from the start.  Conventional chemical seed treatments - Biological seed treatments - Inoculants - Seed-applied polymers and colorants  Crop Care - Biological control and foliar products that go beyond traditional pest control. For example: - Foliar biological products (e.g. bioinsecticides and biofungicides) - Biological and conventional plant health products - Plant growth regulators  BASF’s Crop Protection division provides innovative solutions in crop protection, turf and ornamental plants, pest control and public health. Its portfolio also includes technologies for seed treatment and biological control as well as solutions to manage water, nutrients and plant stress. BASF’s Crop Protection division is a leading innovator that supports growers to optimize agricultural production, improve their business efficiency and enhance the quality of life for a growing world population.