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ISK Biosciences CorporationUnited States United States

Category:Crop ProtectionFungicidesHerbicidesInsecticides

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ISK Biosciences is uniquely positioned to respond to promising new opportunities and is developing products discovered by the parent company: Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd. (“ISK”)
ISK Biosciences’ products are distributed by Syngenta, FMC Corporation, PBI/Gordon Corporation, OHP, and Summit Agro in the United States. ISK Biosciences’ products are distributed by FMC, Syngenta, and Engage Agro in Canada. ISK Biosciences’ herbicide nicosulfuron (Sanson®, Nisshin®) and insect growth regulator, chlorfluazuron (Atabron®) are available in Latin American countries.

  • Address:7470 Auburn Road, Suite A Concord, OH 44077-9703