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Siyang Rodenticide Factory was established in 1985 as a state designated rodenticide manufacturing unit approved by the former Ministry of Chemical Industry. Siyang Rodenticide Factory is currently a designated manufacturer for Rodenticide Technical Materials approved by MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology). The factory is mainly supplying Brodifacoum Technical, Bromadiolone Technical and the last Intermediate of Difenacoum.

‘Designated-site Rodenticides’, a direct translation based on the Chinese language, means the active ingredients of rodenticides legally manufactured in China that must be approved by the 3 Ministerial-level Departments: (1) Pesticide (rodenticides) Registration in MOA, (2) Production site (environmental & safety) Evaluation by MIIT, (3) Qualified manufacturing (standard) Authorisation by AQSIQ. Finally, the AQSIQ approved the manufacturing of 2 rodenticide active ingredients, which are, Brodifacoum and Bromadiolone under MOA registration, at only 2 designated sites with the passed MIIT evaluation. Siyang Rodenticide Factory is one of the 2 licensed manufacturing sites.

Controlled rodenticides will only be released and delivered at the state designated sites under 2017 MOA Order No. 2567, and the factory has obtained a new Restricted-pesticide permit in 2019 used for authenticity and traceability of rodenticides, the license No. is (SU) 32000010534. Siyang Rodenticide Factory is currently the only certified exporter of Bromadiolone Technical Grade Material (HS Code: 2932209013) and Brodifacoum Technical Grade Material (HS Code: 2932209011) in China.

  • Address:No.3 Beijing East Road,Siyang Industrial Zone,Siyang County,Jiangsu Province,P.R.China.