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Nanjing Goodagro Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of agrochemicals in China, specialized in the research, production and marketing of crop protection products including insecticide, herbicide, fungicide, plant growth regulator and public health products.   Our plant lies in Nanjing national-level Chemical Industry Park and boasts highly advantageous transportation, geographical location and comprehensive supporting facilities. We are able to process 20 kinds of pesticide formulations including WP, WDG, WSG, DF, SP, WS, EC, ULV, SL, SC, OF, FS, CS, EW, ME, SE, DP and EG, thus can produce more than 600 kinds of pesticides. Such strong comprehensive advantage allows us to take the lead in Chinese agrochemical sector.   We are also focusing on Research and Development and keep updated with the global market trend, especially to offer similar recipes as multinational companies such as Bayer, Syngenta and BASF or to provide tailor-made combinations based on crops and pests/diseases/weeds from target market. We also develop new recipes by our own team and cooperate with university, academy and institute for innovative formulations.   In brief, we are committed to deliver the best of our products and services to global clients and together pursue a sustainable development for the earth and the people.