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Jiangsu Sword Agrochemicals Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise which integrating agrochemicals, research & development, international trade as well as logistics & transportation. It is one of China's major production bases of triazole products and a national high-tech enterprise of Jiangsu Province, it also has one postdoctoral scientific research station. Sword always takes technical innovations as the motivation for enterprise development. Meanwhile, it advocates safety & environmental protection and responsible care, pays attention to social benefits and economic profits simultaneously, and devotes to construct corporate culture of harmonious development. Sword has been approved by ISO9001, ISO14000 and OHSAS18001. “Sword” is famous trademark of China.     In order to seek a new round of development, achieve the corporate objectives & goals that make it stronger, better and longer, Sword establishes the Binhai branch which covers an area of 200000 square meters in the coastal industrial park of Binhai economic development zone in  Jiangsu Province. We plan to invest 1 billion yuan to build up a new production base, for completing and expanding the existing production system of pesticides and intermediates.



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PD20184278 Procymidone腐霉利 SC悬浮剂 43% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20183752 Metribuzin嗪草酮 WG水分散粒剂 75% Herbicide除草剂
PD20183772 Iprodione异菌脲 SC悬浮剂 45% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20183019 Pymetrozine吡蚜酮 SC悬浮剂 25% Insecticide杀虫剂
PD20181959 Abamectin阿维菌素 GR颗粒剂 1% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20181464 1-naphthyl acetic acid萘乙酸 AS水剂 5% PGR植物生长调节剂
PD20181478 Kasugamycin春雷霉素 AS水剂 2% Fungicide杀菌剂
PD20181481 sodium nitrophenolate复硝酚钠 AS水剂 1.8% PGR植物生长调节剂
PD20180805 Etoxazole乙螨唑 SC悬浮剂 15% Insecticide杀虫剂
PD20180899 Cyazofamid氰霜唑 SC悬浮剂 20% Fungicide杀菌剂
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