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Being the largest production base for pyrethroids and New High Technology Enterprise in China ,Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Co.Ltd was established in 1999, As a main pesticide exporter, Yangnong is one of the earlier certified ISO9001,ISO14001 and GB/T28001 chemical companies in China. Besides, Yangnong is the only public listed company with leading products of pyrethroids in China.

  • Address:NO.39 WenfengRoad.Yangzhou.Jiangsu.China
  • Website:www.yngf.com


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WP20200011 杀虫颗粒剂 GR颗粒剂 0.5 Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP20080257 Imiprothrin炔咪菊酯 TC原药 total ester90%, 右旋体87% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP20080139 Diethyltoluamide避蚊胺 TC原药 95% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP20080122 Bioallethrin生物烯丙菊酯 TC原药 total ester含量93%,有效体含量90% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP20080099 S-bioallethrinS-生物烯丙菊酯 TC原药 右旋体89%,total ester95% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP20180170 Propoxur杀虫热雾剂 RR热雾剂 0.6% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP20080086 Rich-d-t-prallethrin富右旋反式炔丙菊酯 TC原药 90% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP20030011 D-cyphenothrin右旋苯醚氰菊酯 TC原药 total ester94%, 右旋体90% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP20180099 Permethrin+Tetramethylfluthrin氯菊·四氟醚 EC乳油 3.5% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
WP20180065 Beta-cypermethrin+Meperfluthrin氯氰·氯氟醚 WP可湿性粉剂 12% Sanitary Insecticide卫生杀虫剂
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