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The Shandong Vicome Greenland Chemical Co., Ltd., which was established in 1991, is mainly engaged in the scientific research, production, operation and services of herbicides, pesticides and bactericides. As the standing council member of the China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA) and China Association of Pesticide Development and Application (CAPDA), and vice chairman unit of the Association of Pesticide Industry, Shandong Province (APIS), the Company has been awarded multiple honorary titles such as “Provincial Enterprise of Honoring the Contracts and Being Trustworthy”, “AAA Grade Credit Enterprise”, etc.

With the production base located in the provincial chemical industrial park of Jinan City, Shandong Province, and with production capacity of 70,000 tons per year, the Company has comprehensively passed certifications of ISO9001: 2016 quality management system, ISO14001: 2015 environment management system, and  ISO45001:2018 occupation health and safety management system, obtained the national “Class A Grading Certificate for Petroleum and Chemical Industry Quality Detection Institution” and “Safety Production Standardization Certificate” for many successive years,and been the dual-system management benchmarking enterprise of the Shandong Provincial “safety production risk grading control as well as hidden danger screening and control”.

The Company has built the nationwide marketing service network, and sold the products to the Southeast Asia, Europe and America, Africa, etc. The Company’s trademark “Greenland” has been identified as the Chinese famous trademark. It has been awarded “Top 100 Sales Enterprises of the Chinese Pesticide Industry” for many successive years since 2009.
The Company’s Technology Center, which is a Shandong provincial enterprise technology center, has the domestic first-rate R&D team and high-end experiment and test equipments, as well as multiple invention patents and scientific and technological achievements. It has set up cooperation relationships with multiple scientific research institutes such as Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), Shenyang Chemical Research Institute (SYRICI),Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS), Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shandong Agricultural University, etc., focused on the crops, and provided the planters with the professional crop solutions.

The Company has always been pursuing harmonious progresses with shareholders, customers, employees and the society, devoting to ecological balance protection and environmental safety, paying attention to the health of crops, taking the “green pesticides, efficient and practical” as the development direction, persisting on the operation concept of “user first, quality winning”, serving the global agriculture, and bringing the pleasure of harvest to farmers.

  • Address:Greenland Road, Diao Town Industry Park, Zhangqiu, Shandong, China


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PD20200412 Diflufenican吡氟酰草胺 SC悬浮剂 30% Insecticide/Fungicide杀虫剂/杀菌剂
PD20200071 Oxadiargyl+Butachlor+Simetryn丙噁酮·丁草胺·西草净 EC乳油 50% Herbicide除草剂
PD20190189 Bispyribac-sodium双草醚 OF可分散油悬浮剂 20% Herbicide除草剂
PD20184003 Pendimethalin+Prometryn甲戊·扑草净 EC乳油 35% Herbicide除草剂
PD20181730 Penoxsulam五氟磺草胺 OF可分散油悬浮剂 5% Herbicide除草剂
PD20180118 Nicosulfuron+atrazine烟嘧·莠去津 OF可分散油悬浮剂 28% Herbicide除草剂
PD20173202 Rimsulfuron+Quizalofop-P-ethyl砜嘧·精喹 OF可分散油悬浮剂 13% Herbicide除草剂
PD20171903 Thidiazuron+Diuron噻苯·敌草隆 SC悬浮剂 540g/L PGR植物生长调节剂
PD20172042 Nicosulfuron+Atrazine+2,4-D-ethylhexyl烟·莠·滴辛酯 OF可分散油悬浮剂 34% Herbicide除草剂
PD20172086 Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl+pretilachlo吡嘧·丙草胺 EB泡腾片剂 17% Herbicide除草剂
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