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Gharda Chemicals Limited, established in 1967, is a research-based company with five manufacturing units. More than 35 years of innovation combined with R&D has marked the rise of Gharda Chemicals Limited (GCL) from a small unit to one of the most successful chemical company with unmatched product quality. Today, GCL has occupied a stronghold position in international as well as domestic markets. All this has been made possible by the vision, unswerving dedication and commitment of its founder Dr.K.H.Gharda In crop protection business, GCL alongwith its subsidiary Gujarat Insecticides Limited (GIL) ranked among the top three exporters and technical producers. Our product portfolio includes wide range of Insecticides & herbicides. The company has won several international and national awards for technical innovation, energy conservation and product development in the chemical industry and has many firsts in the field of dyestuffs, pesticides, veterinary drugs and polymers. More than 60% of Gharda’s turn over is from exports through its strong presence across the globe viz. Europe, USA, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa, Australia & Brazil GCL is the first and only Indian company, which has received U.S registrations (EPA approval) for Chlorpyrifos, Dicamba & Fipronil



Certification No 登记证号

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Product Name 登记名称

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Formulation Type 剂型

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PD20172722 Cypermethrin氯氰菊酯 TC原药 94% 杀虫剂/卫生杀虫剂
PD20030002 Deltamethrin溴氰菊酯 TC原药 98% Insecticide杀虫剂
PD20101570 Anilofos莎稗磷 TC原药 90% Herbicide除草剂
PD20030003 Chlorpyrifos毒死蜱 TC原药 98% Insecticide杀虫剂
PD20070126 Alpha-cypermethrin顺式氯氰菊酯 TC原药 95% Insecticide杀虫剂
PD20161559 Anilofos莎稗磷 EC乳油 30% Herbicide除草剂
Product Name
Formulation Type
Imazethapyr TC Herbicides 9(4) Cases 2017-11-29
Triclopyr TC Herbicides Export Cases 2015-04-20
Triclopyr EC Herbicides Export Cases 2012-03-29